REBLOG: The horrors of being a chicken…

Billions of chickens are slaughtered per year, many dying as you read this caption

Chickens don’t do well when there are 100,000 to 200,000 chickens crammed into a barn. Barns with no windows or doors, 100% climate and light controlled for optimum growth.

I’m appaled and devestated by this new information. In this relog, we are given a view o what it’s like to be a chicken, the amount of chickens slaughtered a day, and the living conditions in a factory farm.

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World Animal Protection (WAP) has released a shocking report showing that some of the world’s biggest fast-food giants are failing to address the extreme suffering of chickens raised for their meat in factory farms.
The report, entitled The Pecking Order 2018, is the first such study to look into the issue of the welfare of chickens destined for the dinner table.
Nine of the world’s most well-known fast-food producers were included in the assessment (Burger King, Domino’s Pizza Group, Domino’s Inc, KFC, McDonald’s, Nando’s Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway), which looked at company policies regarding chicken welfare, any targets and objectives documented by the companies, and the transparency of reporting progress.
Shockingly, these international powerhouse companies, who make enormous profits from killing hundreds of millions of chickens each year, are doing very little to ensure the animals in their supply chain receive even minimal welfare standards at factory farms or slaughterhouses.

This is extremely shocking. I have found more information using this blog and I believe that more should be done to shut down not only KFC as we have seen in the last post but ensure this for all consumers included supermarket bought chickens.


Factory farms are hellish places for animals, as exposed repeatedly through undercover investigations by animal welfare groups. As these farms try to maximize profit, they fatten up their chickens for slaughter in only 40 days using unnatural methods that put enormous pressure on the organs and legs of the chickens. The birds endure chronic pain and health problems, with many suffering from heart attacks due to these rapid growth rates.
“Chickens on factory farms suffer enormously, buckling under their own weight, without space to perform their natural behaviors, and never seeing the light of day,” said Soltanpanah. “By committing to higher-welfare farming, KFC can send a strong signal to other food companies that change for chickens is possible. Animal welfare is important to consumers, and it is important to human health as well. It’s time for KFC to show that it’s important to them, too.”

After reading this article and finding out that indeed, it is possible to stop factories and companies that use factories to produce their chickens, we can create change to all chicken farms in the US.

We should strive to do the same just like these individuals from the World Animal Protection (WAP).