Digital Activism Project: Safer Chickens for Consumers

I will be closing down the blog very soon as I have decided to discontinue this activism project.

I created a digital activism project which strived to help increase health checks in broiler chicken farms. Overall, I wanted to increase the health of individuals who consumed chicken on a daily basis. I kept in mind all the conditions in chickens farms which cause diseases to pile up in the chickens. I created a petition and a blog that would help those interested take part in the cause. Although I spent my efforts doing so, the project was unsuccessful.

My digital activism project was successful in total. I was unable to gain popularity on my blog posts or my petition. My project didn’t have as many followers or as much popularity as I would have wanted it to have. My topic was extremely unpopular and not searched often. When reblogging, I was only able to find a total of 2 blogs on wordpress in the same topic, worthy or reblogging. My highest viewed article only had 3 views and my blog had a total of 53 views. According to the information that I got from my blog stats, most of the people who came to my blog came through my social media, my personal instagram account specifically. They only visited my home page and no other actions were made from it. Only 6 people clicked on my actual blog posts and yet, no actions were made after they viewed it.

I also created a vast amount of promotions on my instagram. My newly created instagram had a total of 26 followers and it was promoted only once on my website. I was able to follow a few successful pages and they followed me back but this didn’t help my blog increase popularity. My petition didn’t do that well either. I only got a total of 4 signatures and 5 were needed to expose it to the public and recommended pages on The fact that I was unable to succeed the 5 signature count meant that it was an extremely successful project. I consistently failed and was unable to get my views or popularity for the project up, despite my efforts to educating the broad public.

I would have been able to improve my popularity and my project if I promoted more. Commenting on other posts of individuals who are a bit more successful compared to me would increase my range of accounts reached and maybe increase the views on my blog and signatures on my petition. I may have also picked a project that didn’t gain a lot of attention. I could’ve also made some alliances with similar projects so that we could help promote each others content. I also only used instagram as a social media platform. If I used other social medias, I might have been able to reach accounts that didn’t use instagram and then expand the popularity of my site and issue.

Thank you so much for supporting my blog! If you would still like to help out, my petition stays open.



Share and raise awareness!

People shouldn’t be doing nothing about this issue. This comes to a big shock to most humans and this animal abuse should be stopped! Stop abuse in chicken farms and help us raise awareness and tell the health department to raise health checks in chicken farms!

We have created an instagram! It will be linked on the page and it is @saferchickenfarmsandconsumers !



Welcome to my blog! My name is Alexis and along with all of my supporters and our team, I strive to help consumers and workers at chicken farms improve their health. With the low health conditions that are faced at farms, consumers can easily get sick from chickens and it can cause health problems for farmers! I post every Tuesday and Sunday with facts, ways to help, and our improvement in this issue!